Coaches That Care

  Dana Lee

Dana Lee - Co-Owner, L1 CrossFit, On Ramp, CrossFit Kids

Dana began her CrossFit journey in May 2013. Although always active, in 2009 she was diagnosed with cancer and finally decided that she needed to re-evaluate how she was taking care of herself and how she could accomplish her fitness goals. She started running and completed 5k, 10k, and a half marathon. Then she added boot camp style classes until she found CrossFit. “CrossFit has changed so many aspects of my life. At 40 years old, I am truly in the best shape of my life. I am stronger, not only physically but mentally as well. Once you get through a WOD that you initially never thought you could do, you begin to apply that persistence to other areas in your life. I have a certain level of confidence that I didn’t have before, but at the same time I am continuously humbled by realizing there is still so much I have to learn!”

 George Lee

George Lee - Co-Owner, L1 CrossFit

George struggled with his weight for years, and finally decided to do something about it in his forties. But consistency was a challenge, until he decided to give CrossFit a try in 2013. Finally, after being bored by all the normal stuff like traditional weightlifting at the gym, running, and programs like P90X, he found something that kept him hooked. The constant variation in the workouts and community of CFA was what he needed, and has been going strong since then. He often tells people that at age 50, he is in the best shape of his life. 

  Brian Prochaska

Brian Prochaska - L1 CrossFit, Lead Programmer

We have Brian’s wife, Ashley to thank for introducing him to CrossFit – after hearing that her sister was crossfitting with her co-workers, Brian’s curiosity got the best of him. After extensive research and training on his own, he joined CrossFit Augusta in 2009. This led him to get his CrossFit Nutrition Certification in November 2009 and his Level 1 CrossFit Certification in June 2010. Brian's success at CrossFit allowed him to compete in the CrossFit Games Regional competition for five years from 2010 to 2014, finishing 4th in 2011. In addition to competing, Brian says “I also love teaching and coaching the other athletes at my gym. It's great to see the progress of others. To me this is one of the best parts of CrossFit.”

 Blake Crewe

Michael Combs - L1 CrossFit, ACE Personal Training, ACE Certified nutrition specialist

Mike has a BS in Kinesiology with a minor in nutrition from Georgia Southern University. He also has an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist certification and has spent the last 5 years training adults and kids. With Mike’s knowledge and technical expertise, he continues to help people at all ages and fitness levels to improve lives and gain confidence. Mike enjoys playing several sports, of which his favorite is soccer.

Christina Profile.jpg

Christina Calderon - L1 Crossfit

Since leaving the US Army in 2002, Christina struggled with weight and fitness for many years and tried various methods of exercise but nothing stuck. It wasn't until she found CrossFit in April 2013 at Torii Beach CrossFit in Okinawa, Japan that she realized her love of fitness. Christina joined CFA immediately after arriving in Augusta, GA and eventually earned her CrossFit Level 1 certification. She enjoys coaching and motivating members to accomplish their goals in and outside the gym. "CFA is where we can challenge ourselves and each day we surpass limits and preconceived expectations of what we can do. I love being surround by a community of people who are supportive and caring and enjoy sweating."

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Ana Guataipu - L1 CrossFit

Ever since Ana can remember she's had an interest in diet and exercise. At the age of 9 she was diagnosed with high cholesterol, which helped her realize that what we eat matters! At 15 she began running and working out at the local gym. It wasn’t until she moved to Texas in 2012 that she discovered obstacle course racing and CrossFit, signed up for both, and ditched the gym and DVDs! She fell in love with the community of CrossFit, all the support and camaraderie and has met so many inspiring people. She continues to keep learning and growing and plans to become a certified health coach, get her next level Crossfit certification, and a certification in plant-based nutrition! 

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Bekah Oh - L1 CrossFit, NASM Personal Training

After a near death car accident, Bekah decided to better her quality of life, starting with fitness. She started out in traditional gyms, but after trying CrossFit, Bekah instantly fell in love with the workouts and the community it builds. She quickly decided to get her Level 1 with CrossFit so that she could coach, and soon added her NASM personal training certification and began providing personal training. Bekah gets the most enjoyment out of seeing others get stronger and more confident in their abilities and in themselves, and is excited to bring this passion to CrossFit Augusta.