Athlete Spotlight - Angela Krysevig

2018-06-20 08.00.14.jpg

Angela has been doing CrossFit for about 4 years, and came to CFA around 6 months ago. Before she found CrossFit, she lost around 140 lbs, then started looking for a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Angela loves the community and friendships that she made in CrossFit along with being in the best shape of her life. She played sports when she was in school, and missed the feeling of being part of a team. Angela is most proud of being able to continue working out through both of her pregnancies - including doing “Murph” when she was 7 months along with her second child. She loves knowing that she’s being a great example for her daughter, and as she says, “teach her what it looks like to be comfortable in her own skin.” Angela’s advice to those who are thinking about starting - “Don’t be afraid of CrossFit! Everything can be scaled.”

Angela is an inspiration to those around her, and she's earned the nickname "Metcon Queen" because of her ability to power through the conditioning part of our workouts. Way to go Angela!