The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

You may be wondering - is it worth it? Why would I pay over $100 per month on a CrossFit membership when I can go down the street and spend $19 at a traditional gym?

If you were getting the same kind of membership, then it wouldn't be worth it. When you pay for a traditional gym, you are simply renting space and equipment. And there's one thing you need to know. THEY HOPE YOU NEVER SHOW UP! As this NPR article describes, their business model is based on the assumption that most people won't actually use it, so the few people who do are being subsidized by the many who don't. These large gyms are loaded with machines that you don't know how to use, and you usually don't have anyone to use them with. This is why many people end up frustrated and not achieving any real results. As a result, some people hire personal trainers to get the results they want. This will cost between $35 - $60 per session or even more.

However, belonging to CrossFit Augusta is more than a membership. If you attend 4 days per week, a membership at CFA is less than $7 per class. With this, you get a coach in a group class with an athlete to coach ratio better than 12:1. The coach's job is to demonstrate the movements, help you select the weights and scaling options, and to ensure that your form is good so that your workout is safe and effective. This is obviously much less than hiring a personal trainer.

But that's not all. The benefits go way beyond the attention you get from our coaches. 

  • Community - you are working out with other people that are striving for a healthy lifestyle. We do the workouts together and our members will welcome you in and cheer you on. There are no disengaged people with headphones on here.
  • Programmed workout - the workouts are already designed for you. You don't have to wander around the gym, wondering what to do next. By following them, you will improve to a level of fitness that you never imagined.
  • Nutrition guidance - coaches and members will help you with another important facet of fitness - your diet. We even have an app that you can enter your meals and get feedback from a coach.

A membership at CrossFit Augusta is an investment in yourself. I don't need to convince you that people who are more fit live longer and happier lives. There are plenty of examples of people who have changed their lives by becoming more fit. The incredible thing about that is that anyone can do it. It just takes a willingness to work hard. You may never be as strong or have the endurance of a CrossFit Games athlete, but you will be miles ahead of where you are today.

If you're interested in making that investment, contact us about the next opportunity to get started. We hope to see you soon!



George Lee