Prep for Success

If you've spent time with us at CFA, read our information on nutrition, or done your own research, then you know the basics to eating healthy. But as you know, knowing what to do, doesn't mean that you're able to do it. Old habits die hard, and our bodies are programmed to crave things that aren't the best for us. Unless you have bulletproof willpower, you're going to cave in to your cravings more often that you want to. What are you going to do when something comes up, and you don't have time to make something to eat that fits your nutrition plan? 

The best defense against this is to be prepared. Here are some simple things you can do to prepare for success when it comes to eating healthy:

  • Think ahead while you're at the store. It sounds basic, but if you buy things that are easier to prepare, or items that you can pack up and take with you, you'll be ahead of the game. 
  • Plan the next few days. If lunches are your challenge, then make sure you have a day or two worth of meals-to-go in the fridge.
  • Cook a little extra. When you're cooking a healthy dinner, make sure you cook enough for leftovers. When you're packing up the leftovers, put them in serving size containers so they're ready to go.
  • Have everything ready. Usually, this means getting tomorrow's meal all sorted out before you go to bed. If you know exactly what you're taking with you, it's easy to grab during the morning rush.
  • Pack a small cooler. If you're headed out, pack your food in a small cooler, throw in some reusable ice packs, and you're good to go!

Hopefully, if you've planned ahead, you won't be as tempted to stop for fast food on the way home after a longer than expected day, or forced to order off a limited menu for a shortened lunch hour. And if you're craving something that doesn't fit your nutrition plan, you're less likely to get it if you have something already prepared. 

Knowing everything there is to know about the Zone diet is great, but you have to be prepared to put that knowledge to work!

If you want to learn more about how to eat healthy and live a healthier life, please contact us!

George Lee