Tito Santiago

Tito was overweight and suffering from type 2 diabetes, and wanted to make a change. Occasionally he drove by a CrossFit gym and saw people running, and he had been told that exercising would help with his diabetes. This month marks two years since Tito first tried CrossFit. He no longer requires insulin, and he continues to work hard to get stronger and more fit. "When I look back to when I started, the progress is huge," Tito says. "Before I started, I couldn't run 100 meters without being sick, and now I can run 3 miles. My blood sugar is normal and I don't need insulin anymore. I have lost a lot of weight and gotten so much stronger."

Tito loves the programming and coaching at CFA. He says, "Brian programs the workouts in a way to help you increase your weights and resistance little by little, and sooner than you know you are having a new personal record without even looking for it. The coaches are excellent, they make sure you use the right technique so that you do not hurt yourself." He also likes the community. "The people is what make it great. Everyday someone helps you to do more, to overcome your fears and just go with it knowing that you have a back up and they would not let you fail." 

His advice for those just starting out? "Keep on going. Push yourself everyday a little more and sooner than you know you will be doing what you thought was impossible for you."

George Lee