Pierce Miles

When Pierce and his wife Sarah came in to visit CFA, it was clear that this was not Pierce's idea. Sarah had done CrossFit before, and wanted Pierce to try it too. He hadn't been doing any type of exercise program for about five years before that. So he gave it a shot, went through our on ramp program, and started coming to classes. Fast forward 7 months, and his transformation is amazing. He continues to get stronger, and is achieving new things almost every week. Last week, he got his first muscle up, which is one of the things he's most proud of. His secret? Consistent hard work. Pierce travels to Atlanta for work about once a week, and consistently gets his workouts in even when he's out of town. He usually follows the CFA programming and adds some other things in as well. The other accomplishment that he's most proud of is getting double unders down. "The coaches here have always been very eager to help me when I need it," he says. "The people here are very friendly and the location is good for me too." His advice for new crossfitters - "Listen to the coaches and follow the programming. Also, make sure you schedule your rest days, but don't miss any other days." Great work Pierce! Your hard work really shows!

George Lee