Stephani Haug

We're so proud of the progress that Stephani has made since coming to CrossFit Augusta. Her consistent training and drive to get better is inspiring. Stephani joined CFA in April of 2014. She walked into the gym with a mission. "I was sick and tired of being miserable" she said. A military wife new to Augusta, she was two years out from having her fourth child. She says, "I was just as heavy that day as when I went in the delivery room. Walking in the very first class was the most difficult move I think I've ever made. Even though I was extremely over weight and unable to do much of anything, I tried. I was welcomed, encouraged and challenged by everyone here. They didn't know me but they believed in me, and before long I believed in myself." Two years later, she's sixty pounds lighter, stronger than she ever imagined, agile, healthy, and ready to take on the world. "The coaches are amazingly resourceful, knowledgeable, and well rounded. Anything you want to accomplish, we have someone to give you the tools to get there.  CrossFit Augusta has become my family, and CrossFit has changed my life."

George Lee