Brianna Thompson

Briana has been a great addition to our Crossfit family. She has made great gains in her strength, technique and overall mentality of what she is capable of accomplishing. Briana has also been the resident chef in our facility and shown that eating healthy can actually taste good! If you haven’t met Briana, make a point to do so. She is extremely kind, generous and such a pleasure to have in your company…in addition to being one heck of an athlete!

How long have you been CrossFitting? Six months

What made you try it? After having my son I just couldn't get in a good gym routine. Feeling bored and unmotivated, I hated being away from my son and felt like I was wasting my time at the gym. Like most moms, I struggled with pregnancy weight and felt so uncomfortable even after losing it. My husband, Jake, had been wanting to try CrossFit and I decided to try it with him. I was hooked immediately! It was everything I needed. 

What do you like most about CrossFit? The workouts are designed for you. I love that I don't have to plan anything. I just show up and everyone helps motivate you. I need that extra push. I like that you train with people who are better than you. It makes me want to be stronger. It pushes me to try harder things than I would on my own. The workouts are more challenging than I would normally try. So many times I have looked at a workout and thought to myself that I couldn't do it. Then I would finish it! That's an awesome feeling! Every time you finish a workout like that it teaches you so much and makes you more confident.

Biggest accomplishment? Rxing some of the WODs. That's exciting! The progress I've made strength training had been really fun too. Crossfit has really changed my fitness life and I've met some amazing people through it!

George Lee