Roy Mutimer

Roy was turning 50 this year and decided that he wanted to get in shape earlier this year. He had done a few other things but had never worked out with weights before and decided to give CrossFit a try. "I knew nothing about working out, so I needed someone to show me how and what to do."

His favorite things about CrossFit are the programming and the ability to scale the workouts. He says, "I don’t have to figure out what I am going to do each day. It is spelled out for me every time I walk into the box. There is a coach with me every class to keep me safe and give me instruction. I can scale any exercise to my abilities.

Roy has come a long way since coming to CFA. His biggest accomplishments? "Learning the olympic lifts and actually putting weight on the bar. And with help from coaches and members, I am now able to string a few butterfly pull-ups. Small gains but I’m enjoying the learning curve."

As far as the other things he loves about CFA, "The diversity of the members. There are no egos. I am comfortable working out with beginners like me as well as the elite athletes. I get 100% encouragement from everyone. Awesome comradery!"

Roy's advice for beginners is that "CrossFit may seem intimidating at first, but don’t get discouraged," he says. "Start slow, scale the workouts, focus on technique, but challenge yourself."


George Lee